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Judge-free SMS live counseling for teens


Healing through tech
Founders of Mindright, Ashley Edwards and Alina Liao


MindRight was founded in June 2016 by two women of color, Ashley Edwards and Alina Liao, who met at Stanford’s joint MBA/MA in Education program. Inspired by personal and familial histories with trauma, Edwards and Liao have been working to reduce the stigma around mental health in communities of color and ensure every child has access to mental health support.  

Their team has a combined 30 years of experience working with youth of color. Issues such as Black Feminist Thought, dismantling white supremacy, radical self-love, and bringing people from historically marginalized communities to the decision-making table define how we operate. By leveraging technology, we are creating opportunities for systemic healing for youth of color.


Supporting innovation in education, food, and consumer goods


Launching a digital experience for parents

This early learning center thrives because of dedication to seeing parents succeed at the most crucial time in child development.

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From urban garden to your plate 

Southern City Farm is rethinking the farm to fork business with an urban garden full of micro-greens. 

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Healthy meals delivered to you

How we relaunched the Clean Course Meals brand, a meal prep delivery service serving the residents of New Orleans healthier meals and training.

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How do local farmers supply their communities in an industry led by big business?

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Creating the digital experience for the socialites who have to have these treats

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Teaching kids to farm with fun

Sugar Roots Farm is educating kids on farm-to-fork culture to make more sustainable adults tomorrow. 

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How to add community appeal to the corner store that grew up to be a fresh corner store

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Documenting some crafty bitches, and their moves in Brooklyn, NY

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