Read this before you quit your 9 to 5 to run your business full-time


As an entrepreneur, you've probably spent a lot of time listening to charming "leap of faith" stories from other founders to give you the validation you need to take the leap for yourself. They are all inspirational and filled with moments of clarity, but what most will not mention is that no one can tell you when the time is right to make the big jump - no one but you. 

Don't get me wrong, you may get some really good advice. You'll plan well for a while, and the stars may align in your favor. Or it could be that you have to make the choice on your own --decide on a whim, and at a time when your world is crashing. The point is, you're never truly sure what those motivating factors are that push you towards your leap of faith because what it truly represents is the moment you decide to take destiny into your own hands and relinquish all doubt in yourself and pursuit of your goals to make a dream turn into a reality.  

Take me for example. I would never recommend anyone take the leap of faith at the time I did. I was broke and trying to make a life in a city I really couldn't afford but, there was some stability in my 9-5 job. Things were better than they had been for me for a while. Except for one thing. I hated my job and there was an itch that I just couldn't scratch. There was the little voice always telling me that I was destined for greater things and that I wasn't supposed to be making someone else's dreams come true. It also told me I had everything I needed to go out in the entrepreneurial world and be great. So I went for it. In my mind, the timing wasn't perfect, but it couldn't have been better. Not only was I ready to bail on my stable gig but, in a few months my lease was ending and I had no idea where I was going to live. Fortunately for me, my start-up was already in full swing and my partner was working it full time. With her support (a whole lot of support) I spent my last paycheck buying a ticket to New York where I'm now running my company full-time. 

Don't let this story fool you. It's been hard. I knew it would be, but this journey has tested my faith time and time again. This is what I have learned so far:

You need a support system. Entrepreneurship is a lonely path. You will lose friends. You will be broke. Your quality of life will decrease (temporarily). You need people in your corner who support your dreams almost as strongly as you do. Those will be the ones to snap you out of a rut. Trust me, you'll find yourself in many.   

You have to be self-motivated. Even if you have a support system that has your back, they won't be there to pull you out of bed at 6am every morning. They may not be there to pull you through an all-nighter. They may not always have the words to say to get your mind right over and over again. You have to be able to propel yourself towards your dream each day. 

You have to be all in. When you do take your leap of faith, just know that there is no going back. Especially, if you have partners. You're now accountable for making this part of your life journey work despite the odds. Always maintain your vision. That is what will get you through the hard times and give you momentum through the good ones.

You're probably reconsidering whether or not you should take the leap of faith after reading this but, don't be deterred. Is the journey hard? Hell yes! But it's equally rewarding. I wake up every morning excited to be in charge of my own day and build my own company. I don't wake up with regret and I love what I do! I'll gladly shed blood, sweat and tears for this dream and what's yet to come. How far are you willing to go?