5 Easy Ways To Create Winning Emails That Customers Want To Read


Most emails ask for too much.

Companies are better at sending nice looking campaigns, fun stories, company updates, enjoyable content all around.  They’re perfectly formatted for mobile and desktop and they do the legwork to make sure that their email lands in the right inbox.  Even subject line testing.

But when it comes to the call-to-action, most emails still make readers freeze.

Not because there’s no appeal, but because readers don’t know what they’re supposed to do.

There are tons of links, tons of things being asked, and plenty more of your content to be read : "Learn more about our product HERE.  Tell us what you think HERE. Share with your network HERE.  Read our article HERE."

The reasons why you should only have ONE call to action in your emails can be simplified into two things:

1. You can only click one thing at a time.

2. Your email content should have primed them to do something specific.

Don’t F up your momentum by asking them to take 6 different paths at the same time.

When it’s not clear what the next step is, more often than not they will just go do something else.

Every email should be crafted with one message, one goal in mind.  The action you want them to take moves them toward that goal.

Think of like this:

Whatever they just read should have motivated them to do something.  That something should be your call-to-action.

Email marketing is about getting single ideas across that lead to the discovery of more.  It is not to smack readers in the face with your full arsenal of solutions.

Here are just a couple best practices to keep in mind next time you’re putting together an email.

5 Keys to a good email call to action

  • Make it absolutely clear what’s going to happen when someone clicks the link.  There should be no guessing. Usually the simpler the better.

  • If you can help it, only have 1 call-to-action.  The only exception should be when you have two options regarding the same item/service.  Your email should be catered around that one call-to-action -- keep everything focused.

  • Never trap your call to action in an image.  If it’s connected to an image (like a product, or an article image) that’s fine, but always include the text version of the link above or below it.

  • Personalize it, either based on the segment you’re sending, the product they showed interest in, or of the special promotion that you’re sending out.  If it’s appropriate, you can use their name again as long as you can keep it reasonably short.

  • Make it obvious, but not obnoxious.  Usually a blue, plain text link that is clearly underlined is all you should be doing.  It’s trustworthy and understood that it’s just a regular link.

Emails with focus make it easier for everyone.

Readers easily understand the 1 or 2 things you covered, and has a much better chance at remembering for later.

For you — your email marketing gets a lot easier.  No more figuring out ways to add links everywhere. No need to be overly clever.  Just be helpful.

Craft an easy-to-follow email and offer a link that lets them take the next step.

Wham bam thank-you ma’am.