5 Ways to Take Advantage of Mailchimp Direct Mail Post Cards


We love Mailchimp, and we love using it to enhance our customer’s digital experiences. Sometimes a personal touch speaks volumes about your brand, especially for those followers who think of themselves as more analog than digital.

That’s why Mailchimp’s new direct mail capability has us thrilled for our Mailchimp users. At the moment you need to have physical addresses to send postcards to contacts, but that will soon change with the full feature release.

Our recommendations are for e-commerce stores, brick and mortars, or businesses who ship or collect addresses on the regular.

Send product updates to previous customers.

If you periodically change products or the way that you present your goods or services changes with the seasons. This is a good way to remind previous customers that they need your company. Offering something special for the holidays, or make an update to your most popular category? A great place to highlight these types of things to folks who are already convinced by your company is to introduce them to what’s new where they are comfortable - in their home or office. That way you avoid being overlooked in a sea of unread emails or social media posts.

• Send promo codes for discounts to loyal customers or customers who have fallen off the bandwagon recently.

Rewarding those who show you that they love your product or service is all of the incentive they need to continue to support your business. If you want to have more control over the amount of discounts you’re giving, set up a group in Mailchimp for users who’ve spent a certain amount or ordered over a certain amount of times online. If you’ve linked your e-commerce website to Mailchimp this will populate automatically. Create a specific discount code for them to use so that you can track how successful these mailers are.

This is a great tactic for customer retention, but what if you want to convert old customers who haven’t ordered in a while? There’s an opportunity here to switch up your call to action to something like “We want you back” or “Hey stranger”. Follow this up with a code for your latest deal and reignite that flame.

• Send happy birthday deals to website sign ups.

Get intentional about your sign up form at check-out. Companies like DSW and Dunkin’ Donuts have been adored for years for the birthday freebies they give away. The main reason for doing this is to make your customer feel special on their special day. Another result of this is that your loyalists will innately share this freebie with their friends, then they want to sign up for their future birthday surprise. Feel less pressure to give away stuff for free, because DSW has consistently gotten my business at least once a year because of the $10 off I get for my birthday.

• Promote a referral program.

A cool, creative way to use the post cards is to encourage current customers to share their promotion with a friend. Use a bold call-to-action like “Share with a friend”. Create a code you can track to both give the friend referral discount, and also reward the loyal customer that shared your advertisement.

• Get feedback from recent customers.

Use the post card as a feedback card for freebies or rewards. Prompting a customer to give feedback by sending back a physical card will encourage more detailed commentary on your product or service. These are the customers you definitely want to be rewarding, because they’re offering insight for you to enhance your business offerings or company culture. Even a 10% off discount feels worth a few minutes of a customer’s time.