Buzzfeed Tasty Turned Their Branded Content Into Dollars, And It Makes Perfect Sense.


A lesson in consistency, simplicity, & staying in your lane.

BuzzFeed Tasty has reached over 65 billion views on Facebook in 2017, is the #1 video publisher in the world, and has offices in 6 countries and engages with over 500 million people every month. Did I mention they’ve only been around since 2015? In only three years, Tasty has used the power of digital content to smash records and cultural barriers, proving that food is truly a universal language. Additionally, their rapid expansion into other food-related markets confirms that great content can transform into successful products that make sense to those already sold on your brand - your audience.


Unlike other publishing companies, BuzzFeed is not concerned with drawing users to their website, rather by giving them the content directly on platforms they're already on such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc. In an effort to reach their audience in a new way, BuzzFeed created Tasty in 2015. Using a 4-square format provides four different recipe tutorials for just one particular food item. Today the videos average about a minute and a half but take 3-4 days to create and edit. By paying attention to formatting and taking advantage of Facebook’s autoplay feature, Tasty has gained over 95 million likes on the platform.


Arguably, the greatest aspect of Tasty is that it provides a wide range of recipes from all over the world. This is due to the fact that BuzzFeed has offices in over six countries including the U.S., Mexico, Canada, Australia, Japan, and some Asian countries. Tasty takes advantage of this melting pot of resources by creating recipes inspired by the various cultures it is surrounded by and adding a BuzzFeed twist, of course. For example, they put a spin on Mexican dessert the churro and created a new way to use the famous dish.


The churro video is just one example of the many ways Tasty contributes to the digital community and breaks cultural barriers. This method is perfect for their global audience which is mainly millennials and young parents who want to create quick and exciting meals. The different niche audiences have resulted in the creation of multiple profile pages for those communities: @proper_tasty, @tastyvegitarian, @tastyjunior, and @bientasty just to name a few.

Tasty‘s team consists of a mix of culinary professionals, food bloggers, and videographers. In addition to the experiential diversity, the chefs and creative team are made of individuals of all racial and cultural backgrounds which contribute to its widespread success.


BuzzFeed reaches over 500 million people each month, but do they turn those engagements and shares into customers? On the Tasty website, users can find the link to the Tasty cookbook that retails for $20 on Amazon. If that isn't enough, In December 2017, Walmart announced a partnership with Tasty allowing fans to buy the cooking tools seen in the videos directly from the retail giant. For $88 you can get an 11-piece set of non-stick cookware similar to what you see in some Tasty videos. Staying true to their audience’s need for convenience and affordability, their brand is now an interactive experience for viewers who actually try the recipes at home.

Now what’s stopping you from trying these recipes?
— Buzzfeed Tasty


What can we all learn from BuzzFeed Tasty? Research is key. Knowing who your audience is, where they are, what they want most, and how you can get to them without them having to come to you is crucial to surviving the social media marketing world. Once you’ve figured that part out, find fun and exciting ways to produce content that shows off your business’s product or service. For all of our small business owners out there, don’t underestimate the power of an idea and an iPhone. You just might surprise yourself.



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