Get Your Instagram Page The Attention It Deserves In 2019

It seems like once a month Instagram is updating their features and algorithm, but that’s why we’re here to help! Here are some brief yet resourceful tips to keep in your back pocket when you set out to increase engagement on your Instagram Account.


Utilizing Instagram Live is the best way for your followers to get to know you beyond your brand. Use this as a tool to be vulnerable, provide behind-the-scenes access to production, and get you or another enthusiastic member of your team to share some tips and resources your extra engaged audiences will find entertaining or informative. The best Instagram live stories last from 6-10 minutes. But use it sparingly, only when you have a special announcement or use the chat filter and get on with someone else.

Don’t forget to save your Instagram Live videos. These will show up first on your followers’ feeds.


Instagram doesn’t want you simply to repost content from SnapChat. Utilize the filters such as boomerang, superzoom, gifs, questions and polls. Instead of using Instagram Live during an event, utilize the story to update followers when something exciting happens like a giveaway winner, impromptu dance session, or anything with a surprise/wow factor.

One more thing, when you talk on Insta-stories, add captions to further narrate the experience. 40 percent of users don’t put sound on while clicking through stories, so make it easier for them to pay attention. If you don’t, your competition will!


On Instagram, there are so many spam pages and hashtags. To counter this, Instagram recommends you use 3-5 personalized hashtags even though you can use as many as 30. And don’t forget to use your own hashtag in every post to establish your brand. Make sure your hashtags are in the caption and not in the comment section. Instagram’s algorithm will penalize you for it.

While hash-tagging is cool, don’t neglect tagging pages in the photo and not just in the caption. Other things you can tag: Brands you are partnering with, the host location for an event. If you have a brick and mortar store, tag your spot in every post.


Your highlight reels are the very first impression potential followers see when they visit your page for the first time. This is where you want to put your evergreen content that is timeless. Just simply use add similar stories into one category, name it, then upload a photo or an icon to represent it. Get started now with free customizable Instagram highlight covers designed by Jesse Nunez .

Will Smith who is the fastest growing Instagrammer has highlights for Selfcare, Discipline, and Failure. These are his most personal pieces of content. Imagine if that’s a user’s first impression of you… You might just get a follow and a share for spreading such positive messages!


Instagram now allows you to see how many people share your posts and stories. The amount of times your content is shared also affects the algorithm and how many people are able to interact with your posts. Use this incite to determine the types of posts that people want to see. It’s not just about the “like” anymore. It’s about the whole user experience. Pinpoint what your audience finds useful, funny, or outrageous about the content they’re sharing. It’s bound to be one of the three.

As you continue to develop your 2019 goals and business plans, don’t neglect a thorough marketing plan. Social media is key to staying relevant, but also remember to tie in those other elements of your plan like email strategy, community outreach, your website, and printed materials. Focus on finding the balance between them all.

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