4 Ways You Can Hack Your Business Profile Engagement This Week


When your goal is to increase e-commerce sales or interest with stakeholders, it can be hard to see your social media vision past hitting goals for followers and likes. So what's after that? If you're tackling something like your Instagram account with a scrappy budget or without one, the question you and your team are probably trying to answer is "What's my ROI?". Before taking that step, try focusing on the return on engagement, or the return on (your) energy. 

Engagement is the name of the game. No one cares if your business has 50K followers if you only get 50 likes on a post and 0 commentary on your product or service. Social media is the prime opportunity for you to create a community among people who support and have interest in your business and brand organically. Here are 4 unique ways you can try today to increase that community engagement on your business page for the long-haul:

Ask For Feedback

Need better content or want to know if you should sell certain products at your local brick and mortar? Ask the people that shop with you their opinion on samples to get their opinion before you pull the trigger on a large amount of money down for wholesale products or even a social media influencer for hire. The “Questions” or “Poll” tools on InstaStories are great for this type of feedback. Just upload or take a snapshot of your product or something related, then pose your question. This simple concept can save you time and money while nourishing a community within your brand that is interested in your evolution as a business. By listening to your audience, they will respect the effort and grow a sense of loyalty with your brand. 

Be Provocative When Necessary.

Let’s keep it real. The social and political climate in the world make taking a stance on an issue very very risky, at the same time some things are worth speaking on. After all, your brand is a reflection of you and your team. If you are a minority owned business founded by immigrants, don’t hesitate to post your support of Dreamers, use the opportunity to educate your followers and your customers on the topic. If you are a member of the LGBTQ community or an ally, seize the moment and let your audience know you provide a safe space for all. Show off your rainbows respectfully, and most importantly don’t force the passion.

Before implementing any provocative or risky content, reflect on your business goals and evaluate the risk accordingly. At the end of the day, it’s up to your discretion how you want your business perceived in the public eye.

Do a Giveaway + Encourage Users to Turn on Post Notifications.

Giveaways have become a staple tactic for gaining followers and engagement, all while getting your product in the hands of social media advocates sure to insta-share their experience with your brand. Put yourself in their shoes for a few lines: "I spend my free-time tagging friends in various giveaways. I won once and it was a wonderful feeling! But once I enter a giveaway I only hear back from a brand if I won." 

So what do you do? Add “Turn on Post Notifications” to your entry rules. This way, people will know when the winner is announced and they will also be the first to see your regular posts. Cheers to beating the algorithm!

Repost and Give Shoutouts, Often.

The great thing about social media is that everything is public unless told otherwise or watermarked. This means you have free range to repost content that fits your brand’s ideas and goals. Although it is public, be courteous and professional by giving credit to the owner of the original content. More often than not, people will be appreciative of the exposure.