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Healthy portions, fresh ingredients, weekly delivery.

Clean Course Meals is one half of a brand dedicated to providing healthy solutions to diet and fitness needs. Serving residents of New Orleans, Louisiana, Clean Course Meals are known around town from the Ninth Ward to the top floors in the Central Business District. 

The mission is simple, healthy choices for everyone - 

starting with affordable gourmet meals made with fresh ingredients. Clean Course Meals takes the stress and guesswork out of meal prepping. All dishes are made using seasonal ingredients, so the menu changes weekly. Sourcing food from local farmers and markets, the food is simply delicious. They make it healthy, simple, and convenient. 



Make them believe in your brand.

Clean Course Meals provides a variety of menu items in their packages weekly. So showing off everything their menu has to offer would be hard to catch up to without producing weekly photoshoots. To save the business owner time, we left the daily menu updates up to the wits of their social media manager. Left up to us - the original photography customers see when they visit the website to place an order. We did away with the generic meal prep stock photos and plated a week's worth of meals. Now customers know what they're getting, immediately adding value to the service, justifying the cost and convenience factors. 




Show off anywhere!

Your brand lives offline just as much as it does online. That's where we come in with custom print materials to make sure customers remember you.


Showcase with original photos!

Don't try to tell your story with someone else's photos. Show customers what you're made of with high quality photos they won't see anywhere else.