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Judge-free SMS live counseling for teens

MindRight was founded in June 2016 by two women of color, Ashley Edwards and Alina Liao, who met at Stanford’s joint MBA/MA in Education program. Inspired by personal and familial histories with trauma, Edwards and Liao have been working to reduce the stigma around mental health in communities of color and ensure every child has access to mental health support.

Their team has a combined 30 years of experience working with youth of color. Issues such as Black Feminist Thought, dismantling white supremacy, radical self-love, and bringing people from historically marginalized communities to the decision-making table define how we operate. By leveraging technology, we are creating opportunities for systemic healing for youth of color. 




Sharing the stories that matter most

This video is the story of one young man's journey to healing. Like MindRight, his story inspires others to share theirs as well. When we met with Roy, one of MindRight's first participants, we weren't prepared to learn of how far he'd come as 19 year old in Newark, New Jersey. The cherry on top is that MindRight was right at his side, and they continue to be as Roy blossoms in college and beyond. He even produced the score for our production of the MindRight explainer video below.